Welcome To The 2024 ...

Irish Poker Festival

Tuesday 29th October -
Sunday 3rd November 2024

€3,000 Buyin
€700,000 Guarantee Main Event

The Intercontinental Hotel
Dublin, Ireland

Welcome To The 2024 ...

Irish Poker Festival


Tuesday 29th October -
Sunday 3rd November 2024

€3,000 Buyin
€700,000 Guarantee Main Event

The Intercontinental Hotel
Dublin, Ireland

The Big One By Andy Black

In Irish poker, this is the Big One.

It is the biggest buy-in main event poker tournament in the country for many a year.

Anyone who is anyone, anyone who loves poker must find a way to play this...

A rich tapestry of tournaments will provide unlimited entertainment and competition with a combined guarantee of €1 million.

And at its heart, the blockbuster €700,000 guaranteed Irish Poker Festival  Main Event.

Tues - WedMystery Bounty€500€70,000
Wed - SunIrish Poker Festival Championship €3,000€700,000
ThursdayOmaha Championship€2,500€70,000
Thur - FriDublin Poker Cup€600€40,000
Fri - SunIrish Poker Championship€1,100€70,000
SaturdayDublin Ladies€250€5,000
Sat - SunNLH High Roller€2,500€60,000

Irish Poker Festival Methods of Payment

Buy-ins to tournaments at the Irish Poker Festival can be made by the following methods;


Cash payments are accepted at the Registration Desk


Wire Transfer – bank to bank transfers are possible, contact Fintan on +353 830022889



Tournament entries and transfers to the Cash Cage can be made on Luxon Pay. Our Team will be delighted to help any player to set up a Luxon Pay account onsite. **

** Please note that proof of address is required; Luxon recommends bank statements. Alternatively set up your account on luxon.com

The Festival Schedule


(1) All '€700,000' Main Event Day 1's play to the end of 'Level 10'. Entry is available until the end of 'Level 11' on Day 2.

(2) 2.5% will be withheld from all prize pools for staff. This goes directly to dealers & floor staff.

(3) Structure sheets are intended as a guide for players only. Actual structures may differ slightly due to tournament demands and TD decisions.

Tuesday October 29th 2024
Tuesday 2PMMystery Bounty 1A€70,000-€50025Mins1 x Re-entry300009 Levels
Tuesday 6PMIrish Poker Festival Championship Satellite3 x seats-€35020Mins1 x Re-entry200007 Levels
Tuesday 8PMP.L.O 7-Max-Yes€25020Mins1 x Re-entry200007 Levels
Wednesday October 30th 2024
Wednesday 12PMMystery Bounty 1B €70,000-€50025Mins1 x Re-entry300009 Levels
Wednesday 1PMIrish Poker Festival Championship Day 1A€700,000-€3,00060Mins1 x Re-entry5000011 Levels
Wednesday 2PMIrish Poker Festival Championship Super Satellite3 x seats-€35020Mins1 x Re-entry200007 Levels
Wednesday4PMOne Day Omaha 4/5 Card Level of each--€50025Mins2 x Re-entry250007 Levels
Wednesday 8PMMystery Bounty Final€70,000Yes25Mins
Wednesday 8PMNLH Freezeout-Yes€25020MinsFREEZEOUT250006 Levels
Thursday October 31st 2024
Thursday 11AMIrish Omaha Championship Satellite Fast3 x Seats-€30015Mins1 x Re-entry200007 Levels
Thursday 1PMIrish Poker Festival Championship Day 1B€700,000-€3,00060Mins1 x Re-entry5000011 Levels
Thursday 2PMIrish Omaha Championship 7-Max One Day Event€70,000Yes€2,50030Mins2 x Re-entry400008 levels
Thursday 2PMIrish Poker Festival Championship Super Satellite3 x seats-€35020Mins1 x Re-entry200007 Levels
Thursday 4PMDublin Poker Cup 1A€40,000-€60025Mins1 x Re-entry300009 Levels
Thursday 8.00PMNLH Freezeout-Yes€25020MinsFREEZEOUT250006 Levels
Friday November 1st 2024
Friday 11AMDublin Poker Cup 1B€40,000-€60025Mins1 x Re-entry300009 Levels
Friday 12PMIrish Poker Festival Championship Super Satellite3 x Seats-€35015Mins1 x Re-entry200007 Levels
Friday12PMIrish Poker Festival Championship Day 1C€700,000-€3,00060Mins1 x Re-entry5000011 Levels
Friday 1PM€1k One Day Omaha-Yes€1,00030Mins2 x Re-entry300008 Levels
Friday 3PMIrish Poker Festival Championship Super Satellite2 x Seats-€35015Mins1 x Re-entry200007 Levels
Friday 4PMIrish Poker Championship Day 1A€70,000-€1,10030Mins1 x Re-entry300009 Levels
Friday 6PMIrish Poker Festival Championship Satellite Last Chance Hyper 2 x Seats-€35010Mins1 x Re-entry200006 Levels
Friday 6.30PMDublin Poker Cup Final€50,000Yes30Mins
Friday 8PMIrish Poker Festival Championship Day 1D FAST€700,000-€3,00025Mins1 x Re-entry5000011 Levels
Friday 8PMIrish Poker Championship satellite2 x Seats-€15020mins1 x Re-entry150007 Levels
Saturday November 2nd 2024
Saturday11AMIrish Poker Championship Day 1B€70,000-€1,10030Mins1 x Re-entry300009 Levels
Saturday12PMIrish Poker Festival Championship All-in or Fold1 x €3k seat-€3501
Saturday12PMIrish Poker Championship Satellite3 x Seats-€15020mins1 x Re-entry150007 Levels
Saturday1PMIrish Poker Festival Championship Day 2€700,000-60Mins1 x Re-entry1 Level
Saturday2PMDublin Ladies Championship €5,000-€25025Mins1 x Re-entry250007 Levels
Saturday3PMIrish Poker Championship Satellite Fast2 x Seat-€30012Mins1 x Re-entry150007 Levels
Saturday6PMHigh Roller €2.5k NLH Day 1 (9 x levels)€60,000-€2,50040Mins2 x Re-entry4000010 Levels
Saturday6PMIrish Poker Championship Day 1C€70,000-€1,10030Mins1 x Re-entry300009 Levels
Saturday8PMP.L.O 4 Card 7-Max-Yes€25020Mins1 x Re-entry200006 Levels
Sunday November 3rd 2024
Sunday 12PMHigh Roller €2.5k Satellite HYPER Last chance--€25010Mins1 x Re-entry100007 Levels
Sunday 12PMIrish Poker Festival Championship Final Day€700,000Yes60Mins1 Level
Sunday1pmIrish Poker Championship Final€70,000Yes40Mins
Sunday 1pmLeinster Poker Cup-Yes€55030Mins1 x Re-entry300007 Levels
Sunday 2pmHigh Roller €2.5k NLH Final €60,000Yes40Mins2 x Re-entry1 Level
Sunday 3pmMonsterstack-Yes€25025Mins1 x Re-entry500006 Levels
Sunday7pmP.L.O 7-Max-Yes€40020Mins2 x Re-entry250006 Levels

The City of Dublin

Dublin is the historical home of poker in Europe having held the first No Limit Hold ‘Em tournament outside of the USA.

Renowned as a warm and welcoming city, known for the friendliness of its people and famous for its craic.

It is also easily accessible via Dublin airport and offers a wide range of tourist activities and exceptional dining and nightlife.


The 5* Intercontinental Hotel

The Irish Poker Festival will be held at the elegant 5 Star Intercontinental Hotel.

Located on 2 acres of gardens, InterContinental Dublin is the capital's only true 5 star Urban Resort where traditional luxury meets old-school glamour.


Dublin Airport lies to the northwest of the city and is just a few minutes by bus or taxi to the Intercontinental Hotel.

The airport is serviced by many international airlines including Ryanair and Aer Lingus, the national airline carrier of Ireland.

Dublin port provides ample access from the UK for those who might wish to drive to Dublin and travel around Ireland before or after the festival.

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