Cash Game Rules

TDA 2022 Version 1.0 Rules Apply for all Irish Poker Festival (IPF) organised poker events, both tournaments and cash games with 3 exceptions:

1) Hand dead if player is away from the table when the first card dealt;
2) Last aggressor, first to declare;
3) If a player deliberately exposes their hand it is declared dead.

Cash Game Rules

1. The best interest of the game and fairness are top priorities in decision-making. Unusual circumstances occasionally dictate that common-sense decisions in the interest of fairness take priority over technical rules. Floor decisions are final.

2. No ‘Mississippi’ straddle is allowed.

3. No ‘Guest’ bet allowed.

4. ‘Buying the Button’ is allowed.

5. Running it 2 or 3 times is allowed if all involved players agree.

5.1. When players agree to run it twice or three times, the original board must have 3 burnt cards as normal, 1 before the flop, 1 before the turn, and 1 before the river. After that, there will be no more burnt cards. This is to help ensure that there are enough cards to complete all boards without shuffling back in the muck.

6. Players may ‘straddle’ in next position after the big blind (UTG). All straddles are double the big blind and are live.

7. Any player who intentionally breaks, rips, or defaces cards will be dealt out immediately.

8. No Rabbit Hunting – In cases where hands are concluded prior to the last card being dealt, the next card to be dealt will not be exposed under any circumstances.

9. No person(s) may play another player’s chips.

10. Players are not permitted to give their seat to another player without a floor person’s prior approval.

11. All chips and cash must remain on the table until a player quits the game, except to pay for services. Players may not pass any chips.

12. A player, who is called from the waiting list, must present themselves within 10 minutes, if not, the next player will be given the open seat and the “no show” player will be posted at the end of the waiting list.

13. No ‘Short Buy-ins’.

14. A player forced to transfer from a must-move game to a game of the same limit may continue to play the same amount of money, even if it is less than the minimum buy-in. A player who voluntarily changes games or comes from a broken game must buy-in for at least the minimum buy-in amount.

15. A player moving to a different game must have the full buy-in for that game unless he/she is from a broken game and cannot get a seat at the same limit. The game limit must be equal to or lower than the broken game to enter with a short buy-in.

16. Players who quit a game and return to the same game in less than three hours must return with at least the same value in chips as when they quit, but not less than the minimum buy-in.

17. All table changes must be pre-approved by a floor person.

18. Players may leave for up to 30 minutes. A player who has remained away from the table for longer than 30 minutes (or has their table closed down while they are away) will have their chips removed from play and stored by the Floor staff if there is a waiting list for their game.

19. If an irregularity within the game occurs, a floor person must be called immediately. Any objection must be made before the deck is shuffled for the next hand.

20. Players may only speak English whilst a hand is in progress.

21. Players are responsible for protecting their own cards at all times. Players who fail to take reasonable measures to protect their hand will have no redress if their hand is removed by the dealer.

22. Show One Show All - a player who disclosed his hand to another player must show his cards to the entire table.

23. IPT reserves the right to refuse the sale of alcoholic beverages.

24. IPT reserves the right to refuse gaming services to anyone at any time.

25. There is no transfer of liability. In the case of theft or natural disasters, IPF will not be responsible for chips, money, or personal property lost.