The Big One

By Irish Poker Legend: Andy Black

This is what I feel like calling the €3000 buy-in main event Day 1A on November 1st (Day 1B Nov 2nd and Day 1C and D on November 3rd).

Why, you may ask?

Initially, the World Series Main Event was known as The Big One, sadly this term faded into memory for most by the turn of the century.

In Irish poker, this is the Big One.

It is the biggest buy-in main event poker tournament in the country for many a year.

Anyone who is anyone, anyone who loves poker must find a way to play this.

It is that big emotionally, psychologically, historically even transcendentally.

Never before has a poker tournament occurred in a venue of this calibre. 5-star is new in Irish Poker. Hey, we are worth it.

The festival itself is packed with huge events but for me, this is the one I want. It is the only remaining tournament with hour-long levels in Ireland (the Irish Open announced this weekend
that it is reducing the lengths of its levels on Day 1 to 40 or 45 minutes due to supposedly popular demand).

Most people paying big money want some bang for their buck not a quickie behind the bicycle shed.

So this is it. It is luxury. It is extravagant. It is expansive. It is the crème de la crème. It is next week. It is THE BIG ONE.

I am sticky and wet at the same time.

Who will win the big one?

Move over.

My turn.

You are all in my way.

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