The Irish Poker Festival Dublin Oct/Nov 2023

In the late 1970s the famous Irish bookmaker and poker player Terry Rogers went to Las Vegas during the WSOP and came across the game of No Limit Texas Hold’em and was enchanted. He found the fast action and endless possibilities much more exciting than the draw and stud games that he was used to at home and decided to introduce Hold’em to Dublin and Ireland. He opened the aptly named Eccentrics’ Club above one of his bookies shops on Dublin’s Northside and this amazing game had crossed the Atlantic and arrived in Europe for the first time.

Therefore, there can be no more appropriate place than Dublin city to host this major new poker championship and festival. Along with the historical links between Texas Hold’em and Dublin going back over 40 years, this event will offer a spectacular and luxurious venue, high quality poker, and the world famous Irish hospitality and party atmosphere.

The InterContinental Dublin is the capital’s only true five star urban resort situated in the prestigious Ballsbridge suburb and will provide exemplary facilities and every possible comfort for travelling poker player and their guests. It is located within easy walking distance of most of Dublin’s many attractions.

The Irish Poker Tour has produced a number of hugely successful major poker festivals around Ireland and in London and is perfectly placed and prepared to run a spectacular high value event in the most professional manor. Their team has all the knowledge and experience required to ensure the perfect poker experience for all levels of player.

As well as being a consistently popular poker destination with a key location in Western Europe, Dublin is rightly renowned for its welcome to visitors and some of the best nights out available anywhere in the world.

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